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WHAT DO YOU MEAN, YOU WON’T PLAY IT ON THE RADIO? For too many years the music production industry has relied on radio stations to make its music popular. But marketing strategies for music have changed in the past ten […]

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When using a Production house When starting your production be sure that your engineer/producer understands the purpose and intention of your song. The worst thing to happen in a studio production is when the engineer/producer doesn’t understand the songs purpose. […]

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Does your song have substance or is it just another tune with a redundant message? Like most of us in the world of music, I’m sure you have an idea of what sounds good to you but you must also […]

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Welcome to OneStrum Media. Our goal is to serve you. OneStrum Media is your number one stop for music production needs. OneStrum Media is located in Cleveland, Tennessee. We are ready to help you take your great idea and bring […]

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