Who We Are:


We are a locally owned and operated company which seeks not only to provide diverse sound and media related services to the community but also to promote local artists and local businesses. With over 17 years of experience in pro audio and the recording industry, OneStrum Media provides quality profess1ional studio recording, pro audio installations, sound system repairs, equipment rentals and much more. Whether you need to book time in the recording studio, take some singing lessons or need someone to enhance or install your home theater system, one phone call is all it takes. OneStrum Media is truly your “one stop media shop.”

First and foremost, it is our desire to have a positive and lasting effect on our community. Therefore, 10% of all proceeds go directly to local non-profit organizations which provide free food and other services to children and their families. We believe that music and the rest of the arts can be used in a powerful way to bring the community together. By restoring the arts in our community we can also restore a family-based atmosphere to our community.

Services:                     (423)933-5614

  • Recording Studio
  • Guitar Lessons
  • Singing / Vocal Lessons
  • Pro Audio Installations & Consultation
  • Songwriting Lessons (music and lyrics)
  • Sound System Installation and Repair
  • Sound Equipment Rental
  • Home Theater Installation & Calibration
  • Complete Equipment and Operational Support for Speaking Events
  • Advertising for Businesses

We Offer A Variety Of Repair Services:

amp-repairWith our expert technicians, your amps, guitars, bass guitars, sound boards, speakers, sub woofers, drums, keyboards and other sound equipment can be repaired in a timely manner so that you can get back into action. Trained in electrical engineering, our service technicians perform repairs on existing pro audio systems and serve well as industry experts for all of your consultation needs. New construction prep work is also available. No matter where you are with your sound system or what your specific needs are, we are here to help, and we would be glad to schedule a consultation for you or your organization at your convenience. For other questions regarding the repair services we offer, please call now to speak with one of our friendly staff.


We Support Local Artists & Businesses:


To all of you artists out there, both you budding musicians and you seasoned vet’s, we at OneStrum Media invite you to further pursue your artistry in music by giving us a call so that we can show you all that we have to offer you. You, as an artist, are a crucial part of our mission. We would like to see our community work together to restore the arts, and we believe that music is just where we begin. If you are a musician or a writer, you need to be heard. We believe your talents are meant to be shared. So please call us today to learn more about how we can get your music to the public.

If you own a business in the local community and you would like to know how we can help to promote your products and/or services, simply contact us during regular business hours. We offer promo spots during our artist showcases and direct links to your company’s website from ours. The use of banners, door prizes, props and even self-representation at our artist showcases is another effective way for you and your business to make a connection with the local community.

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